How to Order Steak Online

The Ultimate Guide to Order Steak Online

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question”, we can’t all be experts in everything, including how to order steak online. This is our guide to help you avoid the mistakes we made at first.

As of May 2022, we now offer nose-to-tail + 3 standards of dry-aged steak (standard, premium & super-marbled)…thus complicating the decision process when ordering steak online.

Thus, I’ve decided to create this article using 7 years of first-hand experience on how to order steak online.

This article will answer the following questions:

  1. How much beef per person do you need?

  2. How many people are you hosting? How much do I need to order?

  3. How much beef should I order for my next barbecue?

  4. What is the difference between wet-aged and dry-aged steaks?

  5. What is the difference between standard, premium & super-marbled dry-aged steaks?

  6. What is grass-fed beef?

  7. What are the best dry-aged steaks to order online?

  8. What are some budget beef cuts?

  9. What is the best beef for barbecue?

  10. What beef cuts do you recommend for the keto diet?

How many grams of beef per person do you need?

The average person will eat about 300g  of beef in one session.

This can of course vary between sex & weight.

200g filets are very popular with women

400g for larger males is a good size.

Some may think this is too small…however I’ve used beef for years to feed people on farms.

After a hard day’s work & a monstrous appetite, I’ve seen fully grown men fully satiated after 300g of beef & a couple of sides.

If you really want to test your appetite then you can go crazy  with 700g-800g T-Bones, Tomahawks, & if you’re up for the ultimate challenge, a 1.5kg Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Porterhouse)

Dty Aged Ribeye Iron Cast Pan Steak Cub

How much beef do I need for my next event?

If you have any experience with hosting, you will find the ideal party size is:

  • 4 people
  • 6-8 people
  • 12 people
  • 30 people

For larger sizes, look into cooking roasts.

Grilling 12 steaks and plating at the same time is an absolute pain (without a large barbecue).

Reverse searing a roast is simple, and easily the second best meal I’ve ever prepared, is a reverse-seared ribeye roast.

By timing everything right, everyone can get their portion of mouth-watering dry-aged beef at the same time.

Adam’s First-Hand Tips: With each of these groups always be sure to have an even male/female ratio, and one “wild-card “ per party -> 2 wild cards will lead to chaos at your party.

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How much beef do I need for a large barbecue?

The same rules apply as above.

The average person will eat about 300g of beef in one sitting.

What happens when you’re hosting more than 30 people?

Get yourself a large smoker.

This trick I learned on the first farm I consulted for.

The best thing I’ve made in my life is a 12-hour smoked brisket.

Wake up at 5:00 a.m., start the fire, toss in the brisket & beef ribs on at 6:00 a.m.

Throughout the day, toss in a log once an hour.

12:00 take the ribs out, rest and enjoy.

18:00, pull the brisket out, go for a swim, and when you come back a 5kg smoked brisket awaits you.

Barbecues in my opinion were made for farms & #countrylife.

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What is the difference between wet-aged & dry-aged steak?

Simply put, wet-aged beef is beef which is fresh cut.

Dry-aging beef involves hanging or storing beef in a controlled environment (5C with little to no moisture) for a minimum of 30 days.

As water evaporates, dry-aged steaks will develop a beefier flavor.

This is normally done with premium cuts, those that have well-marbled interlaced fat.

Adam’s First-Hand Tips: Want to do some quick dry-aging yourself? Cover wet-aged steaks overnight with salt. The next morning, wipe the salt and pooled water off your steak and you will get as close to dry-aging as real dry-aging gets.

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What is the difference between standard, premium & super-marbled dry-aged steaks?

First, let me point out that fat does not make you fat!

Sugar makes you fat!

It frustrates me to hell, the low-fat fad and the modern habit of cutting off all fat from beef cuts

By cutting the fat off, you remove the flavor and the most bioavailable form of energy your body uses.

So what is the difference between our standard, premium & super-marbled dry-aged steaks?

It’s the fat

The more marbling you have, the better your steaks will taste, guaranteed!

What is grass-fed beef?

A cow’s natural diets come from 100% grass.

Modern agriculture leaves cows 80% of the time on pasture, and spend the last 20% of their life in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO).

Thankfully, we source all of our beef from Poland (until we can raise our own cows locally as we expand to different countries).

As there is little money for additional inputs, farmers in Poland will grass feed their cows in the field during the season, then feed silage (cut hay) in the winter time.

I’ve personally visited our suppliers, with my expert knowledge of Regenerative Agriculture to ensure cows are raised as they should be, on 100% natural grass.

What are the best dry-aged steaks to order online?

The classic premium dry-aged steaks are generally Ribeye, New York Strip, T-Bone & Fillet

Ribeyes are a favorite, as they “eye” is one nice ball of full fat.

For less fatty steaks, try New York Strip or Sirloin.

T-Bones are actually two cuts in one. The smaller side is a fillet and the other side is a New York strip steak.

As for their cousins, Porterhouse is further down the rib, thus having a larger tenderloin (fillet).

Club Steak is an NY Strip Steak with bone included

Bone in Ribeye, is as it sounds, ribeye with the bone included.

While some may not like the idea of bone included, this in my opinion is a game-changer to the cooking process + you can give the leftover bone to man’s best friend, your dog.

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What are some budget beef cuts?

Not all steaks have to be premium dry-aged steak.

Now that we have access to an abattoir, a less known but equally delicious cut is Oyster Steak, sometimes called Spider Steak or Flat Iron Steak due to the fat striation.

This is an extremely tender cut, similar to hanger steak, which not many people know, but competes with one of my favorite cuts of beef.

This leads to the next best category, churrascarias  and in some cases my personal favorite, those cuts used in Brazilian Cuisine -> Hanger, Flank, Skirt & Tri-Tip.

There should be a special mention for our best selling productpicanha. Made popular by German butcher’s in Brazil, this is now a favorite of Portuguese, Brazilians, Argentinians, Spanish, Mexican etc.

Adam’s First-Hand Tips: While these cuts are delicious by themselves, we recommend marinating your beef. The best part is, I’ve marinated beef cuts for a month. The longer it marinates the better it gets, and when you’re hungry, cut off 300g, pan-fry and dinner is ready in 5-10 min. Put the best back in the fridge for later.

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What is the best beef for barbecue?

The question should really be…

A. What beef cuts are best for grilling.

The best selling product on this store is Picanha. Introduced by German butchers to Brazil, this cut comes with a thick layer of fat on top, ensuring it’s full of the beefy, fatty flavor we carnivores love.


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Besides the classic dry-aged steaks, my personal favorite cuts are those from the plate (underside of the cow).

This includes hanger steak, skirt steak, tri-tip & flank steak.

Of these 4 cuts, flank steak has the least amount of fat, thus I tend to prefer the first 3 (more flavor).

Adam’s First-Hand Tips: One thing I’ve missed since living in Scotland, are quality sausages. Not haggis, but quality English sausages. For your next barbecue, you can try our new selection of sausages.

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B. What cuts are best for smoking beef?

I love smoking beef.

Beef brisket being my absolute favorite. Though this takes 12 hours to smoke

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However, smoking is good for all cuts of beef.

By taking the time to smoke beef cuts over long periods of time, tough beef will start to soften up.

Try smoking beef short ribs, beef cheeks, chuck roast, or tri-tip. The collagen will melt & ooze into the meat itself.

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What beef cuts do you recommend for the keto/carnivore diet?

Those on the keto diet, carnivore diet, low carb diet et al. need to remember your diet should consist of 50% fat & 50% protein.

As I’m still a struggling entrepreneur, some of the options I choose to keep my costs at a minimum are:

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Beef organs (aka Offal) is the key to getting all the vitamins your body needs.

Beef liver is the best super food you can get.  

This month I will be reintroducing beef organs to my diet, with the effect of getting back 100% brain functionality & regenerating my health.

For more information on the keto diet see here ->“Is the Carnivore Diet Good for You?”

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Where are your sources from?

The above information is the result of years of first-hand experience.

If you have any questions feel free to write to me and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.

Also, subscribe to our newsletter, as next month I will be going over “How I survived on $100 a month in Southern California.

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