The beginning of a journey

My name is Adam.

Originally I am from California & but now a proud European

Still, I missed the best thing about the United States: quality dry-aged beef & southern barbecue.

Steak Club was started in 2015 to provide quality dry-aged beef delivered straight to your home.

Thus, began a journey, from butcher, Barbecue Pitmaster to regenerative agriculture specialist

When I couldn’t find quality beef  & natural quality food in  supermarkets

I decided to change careers to a regenerative agriculture consultant.

My new mission in life is to regenerate agriculture & people’s health…

using 100% grass-fed cows in combination with

regenerative agriculture, keyline design & holistic management


Throughout this journey I discovered who I am and what matters to me most: people, food & music.

It’s food & music that brings all people together.


Now, am trying to fix an unhealthy agriculture system & society…

complete with a physical work


and reconnecting with nature


If you’ve been looking for grass-fed, dry-aged beef then you found the right place


Steak Club Fans

For a true carnivore these guys are the go-to place. Second to none. And nice about it!

Krischan Beckmann

Excellent quality and great friendly service. So glad I found you!

Ana Camusso

Steak Club has by far the best quality, their Picanhas & Skirt Steaks are simply the best.

Sebastian Vergara Iza

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Quality food has the power to bring people together.
We are welding barbecues & hosting weekend events on farms we regenerate.

    Steak Club barbecues

    Barbecues are a great way to meet new people & enjoy real American barbecue

    Regenerative Farms

    Enjoy a weekend in the countryside. Regenerative Ag Projects & a BBQ after.

    international Retreats

    Travel and experience countries as a local. While regenerating farms, we find the best spots to holiday.

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    Steak Club Guarantee…

    It started with a guarantee of quality dry-aged beef & customer service.

    Then we asked ourselves…

    Is it possible to raise cattle sustainably?

    The simple answer is yes.

    After 5 years of searching for solutions to regenerate agriculture, we’re now ready to raise our own cattle & regenerate landscapes.

    FIND OUT how to Raise Grass Fed-Beef Sustainably


    Is Your Beef Grass-Fed?

    Cows spend spend the season out on pasture, while in the winter they’re fed with hay & silage grass. While we do our utmost to ensure quality standards are met, nothing is guaranteed unless you raise the animals yourself.

    That is why we started another business, Adam Grows EDEN in order to return back to farm-to-table. If you would like to learn more, visit our environmental development education network (EDEN) website Greenstitute.

    We currently ship weekly to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands & Sweden.

    Express Shipping - up to 5 Business Days
    Standard Shipping -
    up to 7 Business Days

    All orders are sent fresh cut & vaccum packed. 

    Your delivery comes in an insulated styrofoam box (that you can return), that preserves the beef at 5°C temperature for up to a week.

    Steaks & cuts will last up to 3 weeks in a fridge at 5°C.

    Burgers, as they are minced, will last up to 2 weeks.

    If you would like to freeze your order, items will last 3-4 months