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Every Cut of Beef in French to English

Beef cuts between languages & cultures can be wildly different. We’ve done our best where below you will find a table of: Every Cut of Beef from English to French

Cuts of Beef in EnglishCuts of Beef in French
RibeyeRibeye / Entrecôte
Fillet / TenderloinFilet Mignon
NY Strip 
T-BoneT-Bone Steak
BrisketPointe de Poitrine
Skirt SteakHampe
Short RibsCôte courte
Flat Iron / Spider SteakMerlan/ Araignée
Tri-TipAiguillette Baronne
SirloinFaux Filet
Rump SteakRumsteak
Rump RoastRosbeef
Beef CheeksJoues de Bœuf
Beef ShankJarret
Bottom RoundGite 
Beef TongueLangue de bœuf 
OxtailQueue de bœuf 
Beef LiverFoie de bœuf
Beef NeckCou de bœuf

If something is missing or you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us

We will be happy to give you store credit of €10 for each additional cut we can add to the list 🙂

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