How to Smoke Beef Brisket

For those who have had the please of experiencing  smoked beef brisket, there is nothing on this planet that comes close to that sweet smoky beefy flavor.

Be prepared however, 12 hours is a long time. Get some friends & a crate of beer.

Try it, and we guarantee that you won’t regret the time learning how to smoke beef brisket..

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How to smoke beef brisket? 

Step 1: Trim & Season

Pat dry your trimmed brisket and coat with salt and pepper –>to avoid over peppering, grind your pepper 1-2 days before.

Let the brisket rest and come to room temperature, start the smoker and maintain a clean smoke at 110C range–> Keeping the temperature constant will ensure a more even cook and faster cook times.

Step 2: Smoke, Wrap & Rest

Place Brisket in BBQ fat-side up, placing water pan closest to the heat source –> water pan will ensure smoke chamber and brisket more moist.

Get a meat thermometer and place in middle of brisket, we will use this to monitor temperature –>

You will experience what is called “the stall”.  The temperature will appear to stop and level off between 71C -77C

As the brisket is being smoked, remember to check periodically (2-3 hours) and check the outside for dryness. Spray with water or apple cider vinegar to keep moist.

Around half way through the smoke or 6 hours, turn the brisket 180°. This will guarantee an even smoke. Replace water in water pan if needed.

Around 8-10 hours, wrap the brisket in foil or wax paper. You’re almost there!

At 12 hours, when the temperature is between 90°C – 96°C (195°F – 205°F), take the brisket out of the smoker. You can feel the brisket going from tough to soft. 

Let rest for 1-2 hours, or until temperature get between 60°C63°C.

Step 3: Slice, Chop & Serve

Unwrap that gorgeous brisket.  With the Pointed end (thick side) chop into cubes.. (--> the “burnt ends” or crispy bits at the end keep separately for later)

For the flat end, cut into thing slices about a pencil thick wide.

Brisket will dry out quickly  if left unwrapped. Whatever you don’t cut up, be sure to wrap up for later. 

Smoked beef can last for 2-3 weeks in your fridge & is perfect for making brisket steak sandwiches


founder notes

The first time we tried to smoke our own brisketit was a total disaster. 

But do you know what? Nobody cared. Smoked brisket is simple, classic barbecue that no-one can resist.

It took us 6 times, before we got it right. Each time was a learning experience, made even harder by using cheap smoker that leaked smoke from every end. 

We’re now welding our own smoker together, with one that can fit 8 briskets at once. 

Yes, the time invested was great, but it doesn’t matter if you get it right or not

Smoked brisket is worth it every time.

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